Roses are red. So are mario mushrooms.

So I ordered all my findings to make brooches and hairslides and I have many MANY daisies of every colour of the rainbow laying around my room now, ready to be shared with the world.

But in the meantime I thought I should give another lovely flower a go...

I want to somehow add a false stem and have a little vase of felt roses. 
But I am as yet to figure out how.

I also decided today was the day to finally put one of my millions of hoarded jam jars to use... and I'm ALWAYS losing my pins and needles everywhere... so it seemed a good day for a good old jam jar pincushion.
I couldn't resist making it into a little mushroom. 

It does INSTANTLY get the Super Mario theme stuck in my head!
 I only have one more castle to go 'till I defeat Bowser for good. Ha!

I think it's pretty cute if I do say so myself... 


"Always Follow Your Dreams"

I love that feeling when you realise the people you believe in the most believe in you right back...

When a friend came to stay last weekend, she produced some pages she'd torn out of Stylist magazine and said they made her think of me, and she hoped I'd be inspired.

A few days later, an envelope came through my door from my closest friend... with a postcard on which she'd written "Always Follow Your Dreams"... along with the very same article torn out of the same magazine for me.

One of my friends (turned-semi-published-author) has also just asked me to do the cover art for her book.

And not so long from now, Hannah will be getting the tattoos I designed her for Christmas.

It's lovely knowing that people want me doing my thing.


A Daisy and a Lilly.

I've been making daisies, but can't decide whether I've made little hair pieces or cute brooches... 

What do you reckon?

I'll buy fastenings accordingly...

Oh and that's Lilly. 


It's been a beautiful weekend.

On Saturday, I threw a little cake party for a few friends. Deliciously good fun.

This is bloomerang. A Miss Buck creation... Blue meringue topped with everything. 

Tasty lemon cake.

...and pineapple upside-down cake, triple chocolate muffins, chocolate chip cookies AND rocky road!!

I'm about 3 stone heavier than I was on Friday.