Easter and a mum-made lovely

I hope everybody had a beautiful Easter.

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend down at my parents', going for sunshine walks and sitting around a fire every evening.

On Easter day, we put on a big "fun day" for their village, by the side of the lake, 
with a free BBQ, a bouncy castle (that I didn't get to go on!) and puppet show for the kids, 
and my friend and I provided live music for the day. 
I absolutely forgot how much I love playing for a crowd. Is that vain of me?
Either way, it was a BEAUTIFUL day.

A while ago, when my lovely mum was visiting, we bought some buttons and agreed to each see what we could come up with for them... To my shame, I've not yet used any of them, but I LOVE this little beauty that my mum made...

For now it's just flat on the back, but I've been told to turn it into whatever I fancy. 
I have a massive thing for brooches this Spring, so I think I may turn her into a little sweet to wear on my favourite dresses.


DIY felt ipod case tutorial

Well hello!

Being springtime and bright, strolls in the sunshine with beautiful music are a must in my world.

For months, my ipod has been transported round in a grey (ex-white) cracked horrible old sleeve thing... 
and I felt it was time for a change... so I made this little lovely!

It was such a quick little make, so I thought I'd share how it's done...

1. Lay your ipod / phone / anything else you fancy sprucing up on a pretty coloured piece of felt.

2. Cut about half a cm further out than the edges to make one rectangle, 
then for a second piece, create the same shape, but with a 5cm long tab (the nook out of the side is for the wire).

3. By now you should have two pieces that look like this in comparison to your ipod.

4. Whip stitch around the three edges of the two rectangles where the tab isn't (so the two long sides and the flat short side) If you don't know how to whip stitch, have a peek over here for a simple explanation... http://www.holiday-crafts-and-creations.com/whip-stitch.html

5. With the three edges sewn up, your case should look a little something like this

6. Pop your ipod in there to make sure it fits just right. 

7. On the inside of the tab, sew a small piece of felt down one edge

8. Use a small piece of ribbon or elastic to form a loop large enough for a button of your choice to just fit through. (I use the little ribbons that come in the shoulders of clothes when you buy them) and stitch it down by stitching around the remainder of the small piece of felt. I machine-stitched this bit for the sake of strength.

9. Sew on a pretty colourful button to the main body of the case.

10. Trim the excess everythings and admire your beautiful creation!

Finally... pop your earphones in and listen to...

"Steer" acoustic version by Missy Higgins
"Perfect for Me" by Ron Pope
"Atlas Hands" by Benjamin Francis Leftwich
and "Weight of the World" by Chantal Kreviazuk

Enjoy your sunny day x



I made...

...and not just any pyjamas... tartan pyjamas!

After getting a sewing machine for my birthday this year,
I decided to make it a new years resolution to make something new every month...
and this month I decided to make something just for me. 

What do you think?

 I've been in LOVE with this fabric ever since I bought it, 
now I wish I'd bought more!

I worked from a pattern (ish) that I won't be using again... 
I ended up having to do a bit of creative thinking to make them work.
Does anyone know of a good reliable PJ tutorial anywhere? 
Else I'll just have to make up my own!

I know these are simple... but I'm proud of them!


In the pipeline...

This weekend has been so wonderful =) 

My parents, and Samm's mum and little sister came to visit, 
and we got to show them our dream wedding reception venue... and they all loved it! 
So... we're pretty much waiting on a quote for Haggis 
(I love that I'm marrying into a Scottish family) 
and then we're going to put a deposit down!! Yay!
This would be the view from our wedding breakfast...

I also took my mum to our tiny local haberdashery, 
because she's where I get my love of all things pretty from. 
After passing judgement on every button in the place, we walked out with these beauties...

... and agreed that with half a dozen of each, each, 
we'll both make something(s) pretty and see what the other comes up with. 
I don't know what I have planned for them yet... Any ideas?

And I got to give Samm's little sister this little gift I made for her, and she says she loves it. 
Even the waiter at the restaurant we went to complimented her on her hair clip!

And to finish the whole weekend off perfectly... This morning, THIS arrived...

I'm really excited to have some time to try some of these projects out. 
It has everything from basic sewing techniques and "how to set up a crafting area" 
to handbags and aprons, to toys for your pets.

I also ordered Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat Pray Love" 
which I intend to read the MOMENT I've finished Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" 
Has anyone else read either of these?
Springtime just isn't springtime without a good book.


Every cloud has a silver lining...

On my daily visit to Folksy today, this front page made me smile after a damp grey walk home.
I so love the umbrella tshirt! Too cute.

Anyway... not one to miss out on the fun, I was inspired, and made a silly little cloudy brooch...

...Complete with silver lining.

I also went haberdashery raiding today and got BAGS full of ribbons just ready to be turned into pretty things. These are just a few...

I love this beautiful rich red selection.

These blues just looked so spring-time-y. These will be going on EVERYTHING for the next few months! 

And a little bit of sparkle for the next rainy day.

I hope the weather's happier where you are =) 


A little present for a little friend...

I'm very excited.
Next weekend, Samm's mum and grandma and 5 year old little sister are all coming to visit...
...and to see our wedding reception venue of choice!

Samm's sister is the cutest little thing, and ever since I first went to meet his family, and her and I spent an entire afternoon laying on our tummies drawing pictures, she's always insisted on informing people "Nikki and me are artists!" every time I'm mentioned.

So I kind of felt I owed her a little something when she comes.

I made her a little felt hair slide, but it looked a bit lonely and I haven't made any slide-cards yet, so...

A little felt fairy to look after it!

I made this little fairy's hair look just like hers, 
and blue is (was...) her favourite colour... because Cinderella wears blue!

I hope she likes it!