Today was the last day of my first ever 48 hour working week.
I'm more than a little tired.

But despite currently living in a house without my craft boxes or  my guitar or my sewing machine, I find myself perfectly content.
After a long day at work, I'm loving nothing more than putting on some beautiful music and getting my paints out.

I've been intending for a while now to do a series of paintings based on music that I love.
And I've finally got around to doing it!

I've recently fallen for the incredible music of Damien Jurado, and have been listening to him non stop.
The other night I was listening to his song "Everything Trying"...

...and this little lovely flowed right out of my paintbrush...

It's only small and simple, but I quite like it =)

I did a few others too... but might have misplaced my camera since...

What music inspires you to create?


Easy chococherrynilla cupcakes

The other day was my lovely man's birthday. 

Sadly I couldn't see him for it because of my new job. 
But he's coming back tomorrow so I thought I'd whip him up a treat!

He's not allowed to open his present until I get in from work, 
so I figured these would keep him happy before I get in...

They're super straight forward to make, and taste beautiful!


I made two types of cupcakes but they start off together. You will need...

100g butter 
100g caster sugar
2 eggs
100g self raising flour
2 tbsp cocoa powder
a few little drops of vanilla essence
50g dark chocolate
a splash of milk
glace cherries

Firstly, warm up your oven to 180C.

Cream together the butter and sugar in a bowl and then mix in the eggs and flour.

Now, divide the mix into two.
Into one bowl, stir in a few drops of vanilla essence. Into the other, mix the cocoa powder and a splash of milk if the mix seems too thick.

Now dollop the mixtures into some cases in cupcake trays and bake for 8 mins. 

From this...

To this...

Now to fancy up the vanilla cupcakes (and because I can't bear to see a cake without chocolate)
melt the dark chocolate, splodge some on top and slap on a half glace cherry to each. 

If you want to fancy up the chocolate cupcakes too, you could mix up some butter icing by mixing icing sugar and butter, and top again with cherries... or more chocolate!

Finally... nick a couple before giving to the other half =)