A gift for a friend.

In about half an hour I'm off to London to visit my best friend of ten years for the weekend.

While I'm there, we're taking a trip to the National Wedding Show, 
celebrating our "10 year anniversary" 
(which isn't necessarily this weekend, but we can't remember exactly when we met...) 
and having LOTS of time to catch up in a way you don't get to do 
when you live a couple hundred miles away.

So to celebrate the occasion, we're doing a little exchanging of gifts.
As well as a couple of personal bits, I decided to make her a little something.
She's the girl who's always encouraged me to be proud of what I'm good at, and over the last ten years has inspired me to know what I want from life and to achieve it.

So I've whipped her up this little lovely

 I may post a tutorial when I get back, but for now, I have a train to catch!

Have a beautiful weekend =)


Where have I been?!

I'm the first to admit that "sorry I haven't posted in so long" posts are a little tedious...
So less of the apologising and more of the excellent reasons...
While I've been missing with no apparent explanation, I've been up to all sorts.

In between working a 42 hour week (which I am totally still not used to. I think my bed is starting to miss me)... 

1. I've moved into a beautiful new house that my friend Sarah has just bought. 
I've been up all hours of the night decorating and arranging, and planning beautiful things to adorn the walls with.
I'm going for a very white decor, which I know seems cliche, but after 3 years of mismatched student belongings, it feels nice and fresh, and a little more grown up.

2. I've been arranging a fundraiser event for Rape Crisis in my area. I'm SO excited for it. 
It's something I've wanted to do for the last few months, and it's finally getting off the ground.

I don't know if I can even begin to communicate how excited I am, 
but I'm really excited! (In case anyone should like to know... It's a Martin!!)

4. I'm going to visit my most wonderful friend this weekend in London to go to the National Wedding Show and to celebrate 10 years of friendship. She's just moved to London to be a fashion writer type. She's amazing and I cannot WAIT to see her!

5. I am finally reading Pride and Prejudice.
It's always bugged me that for someone who loves to read so much, 
I do't do so well on the classics,
so one of my 21 New Year's resolutions this year was to read 3 classic novels.
So far I'm Dorian Gray down (LOVED it), Pride and Prejudice on the go 
and trying to decide on number 3...
Any ideas?

And what's everyone else been up to in the last couple of weeks?
I have SO much online reading to catch up on =)

PS I have some GREAT wintery makes coming up...


Another sketchbook sneaky peek

I've been doodling away again, with some paint and marker pen thrown in for good measure. 

Since forbidding myself from "starting again" or putting my mistakes right, I'm beginning to realise that the less I play around trying to make something look just right, the better it turns out looking.

This was just a bit of a play around but I actually like how it turned out. 

...everybody loves tiptoe kisses.

What have you been doodling lately?

I get my sewing machine back on Saturday and I have some BIG plans!! 
Watch this space...