Sunday sketches

This Sunday afternoon was for lunch with my lovely fiance, 
for so many cups of earl grey tea I lost count,
and for doodling.

I kind of want to add some text to this...
It just doesn't feel... done.
But I like it =)

On a less "cutesy drawing" note...
Back in March I took a drawing class.
The woman who led it was totally nuts but it actually really helped to get me drawing again.
She told us one week to do a Self Portrait in the mirror in just 30 minutes as "homework",
and although mine was of me with my hair all messed and my thick glasses on,
I was really pleased with it.
So today I thought I'd do an updated version.
This time with all new thick glasses on!!

I like to see self portraits as an act of self discovery...
Mainly that I have such a sad face when I draw!!

Rest assured, I am in fact perfectly content... and off for another cuppa!


What I've been making...

This month has been a busy one...

I successfully put together and held a fundraiser for Rape Crisis, 
at which I also performed, playing guitar and singing,
and we managed to raise over £700!

I've started training for a new role at my main job,
in which I'll be working with funeral directors (intense!)

and I'm finally learning to drive!! 
(which, by the way, I love!)

But in between everything, I've been very deliberate about finding time to make a couple of bits here and there...

I've started on my Christmas decoration range...
This little guy is going to form part of the Tartan set....
Which will be one of the first of my Folksy products soon!

 I've also been loving spending some time on some good old fashioned embroidery...
...especially trying to perfect my thread-handwriting.

And on a personal note... I've finally started counting down the months until I get married... 
and that can only mean making a wedding ideas folder! 
Ohh yes...
Currently it's more a wedding ideas heap of paper, but it's getting there.

So what's everyone else been making this month?


Giveaway winner and why I love November

I am so excited that November is here...

Firstly because today is the closing of the Nikki Joy giveaway...

All the names of entries went in a very literal hat 
(I'm not down with this number generating nonsense)
And the winner is...

Drop me an email and let me know where you'd like your little daisy posted to and I'll take some pennies to the post office in the morning!
Can't wait to see you wearing it.

Thank you everyone else for entering and hello to all my new followers.

Don't be too sad id you didn't win, because...

Number reason 2 I love November...
This is the month I intend to FINALLY open the Nikki Joy Folksy.
I'll be updating lots over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Thirdly, I love November because I had my first toffee apple of the year today, and it's almost time for fireworks and pumpkin soup and fingerless gloves... love it!

November is also the month I finally go to see Switchfoot live.
Mega mega excited for that one.

And... most excitingly (in my opinion) 
It is 14 months from yesterday that I shall be a Mrs.

I have my first proper day off work in weeks tomorrow, and I have SO much planned to make ready for the new shop.

How's everybody else's weeks going?