2012 NYR: #1 - Buy a piece of art that I love

In December, as I do every year, 
I set myself some New Year's Resolutions, 
and I thought it would be fun to share one each month.

For January, I decided that my one plain bedroom wall need a bit of sprucing up.
Although there's plenty of cheap and pretty nice canvas prints in lots of high street places, 
I like the idea of buying a piece directly from the artist to show that I believe in the arts.

Problem is... There are too many beautiful pieces out there, and I sadly can't afford to buy them all.

Here's a few of my current favourites...

What do you think?
I would love to have them all, 
I think they're all completely charming in their own way.
I'm totally crazy for Emma Leonard's style in particular, she has lots of other prints I also loved.
I pine for the day I have my own house to fill with beautiful things!


The start of wedding planning...

This new year's eve just gone I've been engaged now for 2 years...
...which is a very long time but has meant that we've had a wonderfully long space of time to dream up ideas of what we'd like our day to be like, and to share our thoughts on what we want our marriage to look like.

It also means that it's finally 2012
- the year of the wedding!!

I can't quite communicate how giddy excited I am all over again currently.
This new year marked the transition from wedding dreaming to wedding planning.
(and the redressing of my notice board to my wedding board!)

So, after a week or so of beginning to turn dreams into plans, here's my wedding so far...


The view from the room our wedding breakfast will be held in.


As I'm English and Samm is Scottish, we're going for a style that reflects the coming together of both...

English roses with the classic Scottish thistle

Tartan and lace.

We're even having haggis at the wedding breakfast! 

It's going to be the middle of winter when we get married, 
so I intend to stay warm in the most beautiful ways possible...


...I'm afraid is still top secret.
But is, I promise, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!


I now have my wedding scrapbook / folder well under way,
full of gorgeous pictures to be inspired by over the next few months

I've also introduced myself to the world of Pinterest.
Potentially dangerous but such a useful tool when planning a wedding.

Exciting times!!


21 things I did and didn't do...

Happy New Year!

As New Year is also my birthday, 
every year I make a pretty big thing of reflecting on the previous year 
and setting new goals for the year ahead.

Last year I set myself 21 new years resolutions to achieve while being 21.

Now I hold my hands up and say I didn't manage them all, 
but I'm very proud of the ones I did.
Some of which included...

I got my first full time job.

I went to an art class to learn to love drawing again.

I started playing guitar again, and even performed a couple of times...
...at my brother's wedding. One of the best days of my whole year.

I started making things on a regular basis and trying out new skills.

I organised a fundraiser for Rape Crisis
and raised over £700!

I graduated from University with a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology with Counselling.

And I learnt to not let the little things bring me down.

Corny thought that may be, it was a pretty great year for me =)

And... it's finally the year that I get married!!

Now... what's everybody got planned for 2012??