Ever had one of those weeks when you can't decide what to make...?

So you just make it all!

For some reason I am totally without creative focus at the moment.
I feel the urge to sew and paint and draw and sing and cook, 
and more often than not, all I end up making is a mess in the process of getting out everything at once!
(my poor fiance has threatened me with binning a good proportion of my art supplies before we live together... then again, he still genuinely thinks he's won the "we're not having a craft room" argument!)

So in my total lack of focus, 
here's a bit of what's emerged from my scatter brained processes...

 I decided it was about to time to get started on some Springtime creations,
I got these pretty bows made...
then it decided to snow all weekend.
Springtime focus destroyed.

So I thought I'd some cute handmade buttons...
Here's the one I ended up making before getting distracted.

Around this moment I figured it was time for a more skilled project, 
So I made myself a little glasses pouch from a fat quarter I've been wondering what to do with.
I quite like this little guy, but I only had the one snapper element, 
so again, I'm back to my butterfly-brained mess-making.

On a bright note though, it has inspired me to fulfill my NYR to keep an art journal,
it's a great thing to try if you've never done one before, 
it's one small way to keep my mind all in one place... for a little while.

What do you do to still your mind?


  1. oh you should make more of those buttons! so cute to swamp them out and put on a cute cardigan!

  2. I'm a bit of a craft butterfly too - always flitting from one craft to the next! It is what I enjoy though and makes me happy :) Love your makes, the bows are so pretty! x

  3. i've been so busy lately that i've too lost focus. it's been hard to sit and do one thing without venturing into something else, even the simple things like reading a document. I think you did great things though, i love the button.

  4. Keeping a journal and making lists help to still my mind. I am a bit of a multi crafter also, and I have many projects sot to start at the moment. Better too many than too few, right?

    :-) Anita


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