Wedding Wednesdays 1 - Save the Date inspirations

It now being less than 11 months until the big day, 
I thought I'd introduce a new little series here on nikki joy blog.
For me to keep all my ideas and planning organised, 
and to share the latest things that are exciting me.

So, we have recently had it confirmed by our church that we can definitely get married on NYE...
Which means two things...
Firstly, lots of shameless excited dancing and jumping ensued 
(while Samm looked on in embarrassment)
Secondly... It's time to design save the dates!!

Here's some designs I've been filling my Pinterest account with lately...

I know it's been "on trend" for months now, 
but I don't think I'll ever get sick of Scrabble tile cuteness.
This template is by Bianca at the pretty blog 
who has sweetly included a printable customisable pdf / jpeg.

I really like the simple typography on this Save the Date from Page Stationery, so neatly beautiful.

I really adore the handmade look of this one, it's so personal.

This design from a Printable Press pulls at my heart strings because it looks just like the snowy scene around us when Samm proposed to me a couple of winters ago.

I'm working on a few designs currently involving lots of tartan and lace ribbons.
I'm sure I'll share when I get to that "I can't decide which I like best!!" moment.


  1. My favorite is definitely the Calligraphic hearts LOVE

  2. They are all fab, but I really like the more handmade look. How lovely to have something so exciting to plan and craft for - congrats! x

  3. i love the scrabble pieces! you could easily do that yourself, it would be work but less expensive! they always have scrabble at thrift stores.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a funny comment :)
    Just descovered your blog and I'm in love, I'll definitely follow you, would you follow me ?



  5. Exciting! My friend wants me to design her save the dates and invitations... so this was great inspiration! I love the winter scene one... *swoon!*

  6. You're getting married on NYE, that's so cool! And you'll never forget your anniversarie :D

    I like the first scrabble one, so cute!

    xo Lisa

  7. I looove the scrabble tiles; I don't think that'll ever get old for me!

    P.S. Congrats on getting married this year! We got married in October, and it's the best. ;)

  8. Hi Nikki - I just wanted to let you know that the designed you tagged as mine (Laura K Design) isn't one of mine! Where did you find it?

    Laura K


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