Art journalling update

Since deciding to start keeping a journal at the start of the year,
I've had some real ups and downs in terms of inspiration.
Yet when I stop to flick back through the last 6 months, it's lovely to be able to see a documentation of some of the great moments that have built my year so far.

From the more abstract loved up feeling days that can only be expressed in a shower of rainbow hearts...

... to the more literal sketches of my day-to-day routines. 

And of course the day dreams of being able to sack off the office and go somewhere on my bicycle.

And... I've found a lovely book for those totally uninspiring days.
I often find "prompts" a little predictable, and I never wanted to keep an art journal to produce my copy of what everyone else is also doing. 
But the other day I was rummaging through the bookshelves of one of my favourite stores, 
and found a beauty! 
It's a book with the most horrifically cheesy childish looking cover (but we all know what they say about judging books by their covers) so I had a little flick through, and here's some of what can be found inside "Creative Scribbles"...

I love the mixture of freedom, specific suggestions and thought-provoking quotes. 
Can't wait to get my markers on this one!

I'm also pretty keen on getting hold of at least one of Kerri Smith's books... 
does anybody else have them?
They look so much fun!


Saturdays are for baking fudge brownies *RECIPE*

This morning I passed my driving theory test... hoorah!
Which means that I can theoretically drive, I guess.

So what better way to celebrate than with the chocolatiest fudgiest tastiest thing I know how to bake...

You will need...

12 oz sugar
6 oz flour
6 oz cocoa powder
3 eggs
6 oz melted butter
(and a teensy pinch of salt if you haven't got salted butter)
 4 fudge bars (as in the little 20p bars you used to love as a kid... 
except they were 10p back then...)

NB. Sorry about the imperial... my mum raised me proper.
Also... take these measurements more as guidelines than anything solid... 
I tend to throw piles of ingredients in a bowl that look kind of the right amounts.

1. Sieve the sugar, flour, cocoa powder and salt into a big old bowl.

2. Add the eggs and melted butter.

3. Stir by hand until it's all a beautifully even consistency.

4. Chop your fudge bars into little chunks and mix in.

5. Pour the mixture into a baking paper lined dish and 
pop in the oven for 20 mins at about 160deg C.
(my poor old oven only really has "hot" or "off"... so this is a bit of a guess.
Best keep an eye on them just in case!

6. Slip your brownie slab onto a cooling rack... 
Attempt to resist eating all at once while still all warm and gooey.
Chop up into tasty chunks and make yourself a cuppa!

This recipe would be just as beautiful with other goodies in place of fudge pieces. 
I'm planning on trying chopped up Mars bars, walnuts, Maltesers...

Let me know if you give these a go.

Happy Saturday!


Wedding Wednesdays 7 - Lace Details (with DIY garland idea)

Since my groom-to-be is a Scotsman and will be spending our big day in his kilt, 
we decided early on that our English-Scottish wedding should be detailed with very English lace and white roses and very Scottish tartan and thistles.

I designed our Save the Dates using Campbell tartan as the main focus, 
so now that it's time to think about the Invitations,
I wanted to use a similar style to keep everything complementary but using lace in place of tartan.

I thought the above was just perfect for use on invitations... 
and if there's any left over, I can think of lots of other uses for it, from favour packaging to the seating plan.

As I've mentioned before, we want to make a really good use of lighting as it will be winter.
I think this simple lace-wrapped candle holder is lovely.

Although peep toes and slingbacks are both terrible ideas for a wedding at which there is likely to be a great deal of snow... I can't help but love these.

All of Alex Bridal's shrugs and boleros are absolutely beautiful,
there's not one that I don't love.

This basket of favours just makes me so happy to look at!
Isn't it beautiful?

So... I was out and about yesterday, hunting through shelves of ribbons and buttons and craft books, when I stumbled across some paper doilies. 
Not just normal paper doilies either, but sweet heart-shaped ones. 

And because I'm nice enough to share, 
here's everything you need for a super simple doily lace garland...

1. You'll need a pack of these, or something similar.
These were from the Range, at an amazing price of £1.50 for a set of 30...
Naturally I needed to buy at least a couple of packs... you know, just in case!

2. White thread. Needle. Easy.

3. I spent a little white with a needle poking out the holes that hadn't quite got poked out by the doily making machine, so that they were all even and beautiful.

4. String them up, either running a single length of thread through each side of each heart, or simply create a super tiny stitch between each one.

It's that easy!!

And I think it looks mega cute, no?


Moments from a long weekend...

To celebrate Samm finishing University, 
me and my excitable new-bicycle brain finally put my dream picnic plan together. 
(That's something to tick off my "Things to do soon" list)
So Wednesday was spent soaking up the last of the British sunshine, eating strawberries and drinking french limonade.
Thanks to everyone for their cycling tips from my last post!
I've been taking myself out on some little rides and am even more convinced she's a beautiful way to have spent my money.

Since then, the skies have opened and it's rained for the last week.
Being the long bank holiday though, I've been lucky enough to be able to hang around the house and relax and listen to the rain.

This is a little idea I've been playing with lately...
Borne from a late night scribble on a scrap of paper and obviously in its early stages of creative process,
but I just love a good bit of wordplay.
Fleetwood Mac inspiration can never be a bad thing, right?

Also... has anybody read this book??
I have got so little done the last few days purely because I'm actually in love with it!

I'm actually a little scared to finish it because I think I'll miss the characters too much.

I'm not the only one that geeky am I?

Hope everyone else is enjoying the Jubilee weekend.
I feel I should go and find something classically British to do.
...I'll pop the kettle on.