Planning a crafty corner...

With a wedding fast approaching, and looking forward to moving into my marital home, it's recently dawned on me that I will be acquiring a lot more space to use, but also that men just somehow don't see how fabric and sewing machines and canvases and cute books about nothing in particular can take up so much space.

So... I've been cruising the net for craft space inspiration
and there's some beauties out there!!

Look at all that space for lovely books and pretty things!
I love the quirky coloured chair.
using Ikea bookcases with burlap stapled into the back.

This sweet and simple space from Ikea Hackers is made from kitchen cabinets!
I love the simplicity and the fresh colours... 
but there's no way I could keep a craft space so... minimalist (as in tidy) 
I'm a total blizzard when I get going!

This is more work station that craft space
but I just love the fresh look of it and the little details that just make it so homely.
Go and check out the original post at Simply Kelly... the rest of the room is just too lovely!

Wow wow wow wow wow!!!
This post on Shop Runy Jean just had me squealing!
If Samm wants a happy wife, he'll forsake a spare bedroom in favour of this!

Anyone have any good tips on how to create an effective crafty spot in rather less space than this?


  1. You have some great inspiration spaces! I love movng for the very reason of redecorating, so much fun. And planning a creative space is the most fun!

  2. If Samm wants a VERY happy wife then maybe he'd go into the spare room and let the crafts spill out to the other rooms?

  3. i love that first one! thats such a cool desk, i like how the shelves go all around it, so cute

  4. If you've got a spare closet, you could try something like this for space saving:


    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!! I'm so happy to have discovered your creative corner of the web, and I'll be following you for sure :)


  5. Very nice! My desk area is actually super similar to the first picture. I even have the same colors in my room:D


  6. beautiful spaces you found! i can't wait to see how yours turns out!!
    you're right, a real craft room won't be as minimalist and tidy... from day one (after the "after" pictures of the renovation for a blog post have been taken) the space will turn into a chaotic, creative mess if you're anything like me ;)


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