6 things to make with Faux Fur

I don't know about the rest of the world, 
but in East Yorkshire, England, 
the warm weather has waved a fond farewell.

Thankfully, I'm a total Autumn lover.
I love walking through crunchy leaves, warming up over bowls of homemade roast vegetable soup and sitting in coffee shops until after dark drinking caramel hot chocolate.
Most of all though, I love cold weather dressing - bobble hats, chunky knit scarves, cute mittens, thick colourful tights... Who needs the sunshine?

In my recent attempts to clear out before moving house this winter, 
I came across some leftover faux fur from some projects I was working on last time the frost was here, and it got me all excited for cold weather crafting 
and in a flash I was at my laptop searching for some ideas.

So here's six things to make with faux fur...
(including some great tutorials!)

(Tutorial from Love Maegan)

I always find it best to start with a simple project when using an unfamiliar medium - and fur can be really fussy to work with. 
Thankfully the first time I gave it a go, I was staying at my mum's, who taught me all about nap and pile... and then got the duct tape out!

This neckwarmer / snood / whatever they'll get called this year is so simple and cute and would look great with any outfit. 

Personally I'm thinking perfect for chilly bike rides. All the warmth, none of the "death by long scarf caught in wheel spokes"

(Tutorial from Colette Patterns)

I made this sweet collar for my best friend last Christmas and I must say, I was really happy with how it turned out.

The tutorial is so easy to follow and the peter pan collar trend is still all over Etsy, so I'm happy to bring this one out again.

One tip though from experience - I used a sateen type fabric for the lining last time, which I won't be doing again because this type of collar can be prone to travel. Next time I'll use a lining with less sheen, because nobody likes to spend all their time adjusting their outfit. 

(Tutorial from Cotton & Curls)

So I'm a total sucker for bobble hats...
I'm also a massive fan of looking at something in a shop and saying "I could make that!"

Thank you Lizzie from C&C!

This is just about the simplest DIY out there, but such a great idea. I think it looks adorable.
Now to go and spend all my money on slightly boring woolly hats to spruce up with pom poms.

(Tutorial from Adventures in Dressmaking)

Last year, Suzannah was inspired by the fur trend and came up with this lovely tutorial for turning a plain sweater vest into a beautiful winter weather staple.

You can see her outfit post linked at the bottom of the tutorial for a sweet idea on how to wear faux fur casually.

This is a slightly more complex tutorial than some of the others, but the results look totally worth it.

Maybe I'll work my way up to this one after a day or too of pom poms!

(Tutorial from DIY network)

Ignore the granny-cardi pink-and-brown combo shown in the image and see the potential.

This tutorial looks mega easy, and I imagine that in a delicate cream coloured fur (of which I just happen to have a big old bag ready for some winter wedding DIY goodness... ) this could look really beautiful.

(Tutorial from Cotton & Curls)

I'm well aware that "five faux fur projects" would have made a much better blog post title... everybody loves a bit of alliteration - but I simply couldn't resist this one...

Another awesome tutorial from C&C... because let's be honest, she's a superhero when it comes to DIYs!

I don't know if I'd be brave enough to rock this much faux fur but I think it looks great on the right person

And it does look toasty warm in that thing!

Supposedly this project only took her 20 minutes too, so you could have one by the time you reach the bottom of that cup of tea you're drinking!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the sewing machine!!
...via the kettle.


  1. I love Autumn too! It's my favorite season.

  2. Thanks for these DIY specials! The ideas are a' poppin' now . . .

  3. Love the faux fur sweater vest. And LOVE DIY!!

  4. looking forward to wearing scarves and hoods <3


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