A New Look Nikki Joy

Not long ago, I found myself as a "plus 1" at a swanky London fashion type launch party, 
and it astonished me how many people there are out there who, 
when asked what they do, will introduce themselves as bloggers.

It got me thinking though and ultimately led me to resolve to take my blog more seriously, to be proud of it and turn it into something that I'm excited to share with people.

Having resolved this, the first step was to enlist some help...
Kristen from KV's confessions popped into my mind in a flash.
Not only does she always have a gorgeous blog, but she's fun and honest and so real in her posts that I just knew it would be a great process to work with her.

Next, I spent a Saturday afternoon cruising around for colour pallets I liked.
Here are some that inspired me... 

This image from Design Seeds grabbed my attention in a flash. 
I loved it for the rich greys and tones of blue and green

These kimonos by Abraxas Rex via Simple Things are beautiful 
in their combination of warm greys and the pops of bright colours. 
I was totally inspired by the watercolour effect of these images as well.

The pinks and purples of this gorgeous print by Susan O'Connor at Pretty Petal Studio captured my heart and I knew these colours had to feature in my new layout. 

From there, Kristen was so good at making sure every last detail was exactly to my liking.
Right down to the watercolour effect header, inspired by my favourite piece of artwork 
and the "tea stain" accent on the top menu links, 
to pay homage to my undying love for a good old fashioned cuppa.

She even helped me to make difficult bits easy. 
Am I the only one who finds it near impossible to write a decent "about me" section?

You can read about her design process on her blog here.

Thanks Kristen!

I hope you all love the new look as much as I do?


  1. Popped over from KV - Gorgeous job on the blog! It looks wonderful!!

  2. Wow, I love the new look, absolutley gorgeous!


  3. It looks so great! I love the colors and i love seeing your pretty face up at the top. Kristen did a great job!

  4. Your blog looks beautiful! Congrats on the new look!!

  5. It was such an honor! Thank you so much Nikki - I'm so excited for you and your new look! xo

  6. Great look, love the colours!

    Estelle xx

  7. the new look is lovely! i'm excited for you!


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