Liberty Love

This week, I spent a few days down in London seeing my best friend Olivia.
Whilst meandering around on Regent Street, enjoying a classically British rainy day, clutching our Starbucks takeaway cups, I spotted a building I just knew I had to visit. 

Liberty London  is one of those places I've had on my "must visit" lists for years. Who doesn't love their infamous colourful fabrics and beautiful stationery? 
What I was not ready for is the sheer size of this place inside!

From the moment you step foot inside, greeted by a sea of luxurious silk scarves and jewellery, you know you're going to leave with a lighter purse than you entered with.
There's six floors of goodies to keep your eyes bulging, but my radar was pointing straight to the top floors, where the infamous Liberty fabric collections are kept. 

Being in the process of downsizing and clearing out ready for moving into the marital home, I knew I wouldn't be a popular lady if I returned home with arms full of fabric. 

However, I may start telling my girlfriends on the sly that they can buy me fat quarters of these beauties instead of the classic kitchenware type wedding gifts!

As if wall upon wall of gorgeous fabric wasn't enough to tempt me, the stationery section in lines with papers bearing all the same designs in every colour of the rainbow.

Not one to leave without at least a couple of little treasures,
I treated myself to a little handful of washi tape to have a play with.
 I loved these polka dot style ones...
And just because I can never resist a splash of tartan...
 Time to hit Pinterest and finally pay some attention to all the great washi tape inspiration out there!

And because my other half has been away for a couple of months now,
I just had to buy him a little something too.
He's a massive bicycle lover and also constantly attached to a book of some sort, 
so I figure he'll love these little guys...

What are your favourite places to shop?
I always love discovering new gems, 
whether it's huge infamous places like this 
or sweet little independent haberdasheries.


  1. Liberty is a place on my 'must visit' list, although I think I may have a hard time resisting all the beautiful fabric!

  2. Those tartan tapes are darling–and Liberty would be on my must see list, too!

  3. these are the greatest finds! The fabrics are beautiful and the tapes are darling.

  4. Totally bought those bicycle clips for my dad. LOVE em.


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