Wedding Wednesdays - Let Them Eat Cake

This week's big wedding decision centered around my one of my favourite topics...

When it comes to wedding cake, there's so many options out there,
it can actually be a little overwhelming.

Do you go for 3 tiers of traditional iced fruit cake or for something modern and quirky?
How much cake is actually going to get eaten after your three courses of gourmet food?
Are you really obliged to provide guests with a hilarious portrayal of you collaring your new husband all crafted out of sugar?

We decided early on that the whole wedding was to be a traditional kind of a wedding. We didn't want to be kooky for the sake of being kooky. 
But equally, it soon became obvious that neither did we want to do anything because that's what you're supposed to do at a wedding. On the most important day of our lives, surely then it's most important to be genuine. 

So for the cake, we need something traditional enough... 
but still to our actual taste.
Which means no cheesy cake topper, no satin ribbon and (sorry dad) no fruit cake.

This cake from Cake Ink appealed to me right away. 
I love the delicate lace texture of the icing, and the warm subtle peach tone. 
The roses on top are a perfect substitute for a regular cake topper. Delicious even to look at!

Being a winter wedding, I quite like the idea of using pine cones as decorations, and this would be a great way to tie a theme together.

See this post for a great idea for a simple elegant pine cone garland.

I love the rustic messy icing style on this cake and the light dusting of icing sugar on top to make it look like snow. 

Perfect for a cosy homely look.

Just add mulled wine and a roaring open fire and you're done.

found via Fab You Bliss 
(check this post out - such a gorgeous wedding)

Not only do I love the colour of the roses on this cake (probably too late to change the colour scheme of my wedding now with only 3 and a half months to go...)
but I am absolutely barmy for the amazing texture of the icing!

The quilted layers are absolutely adorable and the lace layers are so elegant. It's a perfect combination in my opinion. 

So I've noticed about myself by this point that I'm just a little bit mad on texture more than anything else about cake.

So... my final choice of wedding cake you ask..?

Three tiers of ivory iced cake... 
Traditional? Check.

Completely covered in the most beautiful textured roses.
Beautiful? Check.

Fulfilling a childhood dream of getting married and rejecting the fruit cake in favour of a cake that, despite looking classic, is in fact filled with chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache?

Hello dream cake.


  1. Every cake is beautiful! The first is my very favorite, maybe because it reminds me a bit of my wedding cake. Cake tasting is the most fun!

  2. i love the last two cakes so beautiful! we didn't have a traditional wedding nor did we do anything that we didn't want to do just for the sake of having it. i think it is really important to stay true to who you both are so that you both feel comfortable and enjoy yourself. weddings are the best!

  3. Love all the cakes. The M&S one is beautiful, and chocolate cake, could it get any better?!


  4. Hard to decide which cake takes the cake! First blush though: Love the ivory one with the yellowish rose

  5. I love the first cake. The design details are gorgeous!


  6. I'm all about the traditional wedding cake! There are so many different options, and I love every single one that you posted!


  7. the food was my favorite part of my wedding planning ;) and i do like the traditional tiered wedding cake.

  8. Oooh so pretty and I'll bet they taste good too!

  9. I love the last one the best. I am planning to have one very similar to this (but I want to top with flowers!)

    So glad I found your blog - I, too am in the midst of planning my wedding!

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  10. I wouldn't mind test tasting cakes as my day job...
    These are beautiful!
    Have a great weekend friend!


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