Wedding Wednesday - Our Big Day

On New Year's Eve, my (still love using this word at every opportunity...) husband and I finally tied the knot.

After a 3 year engagement, consisting largely of hoarding anything lacey and sparkly and spending far too much time on Pinterest, we said our vows and danced the night away.

We don't yet have the official photos through, but I figured I couldn't wait until then to share some of my favourite parts of the day.

As I lived with one of my bridesmaids up until the wedding, we decided it would be nice to get ready in our house so we had all our home comforts there with us.

Our lovely flower girl is Samm's little sister, who stayed this calm for about the first hour of the day before consuming way too much sugar and eventually changing into a onesie for the evening... I love that girl's style!

The ceremony was held in the Church we attend.

It was a beautiful feeling to walk up the aisle of a building that I feel completely at home in to make promises to my husband in front of my church family as well as all my other loved ones. 
Being New Year, it was already beautifully decorated and a group of our friends pulled together to play music for us.

After the service, we had arranged for tea and coffee to be served inside while we braved the cold to go outside for photos.
However, as we got to the doors of the church, we were warned it was raining fairly badly...

... which turned into a beautiful go-with-the-flow moment of being able to snap a few quick classic-posed wedding pictures inside before being brought a cuppa and spending my time having hugs and laughing with my friends instead of getting numb cheeks from holding a smile for too long.

My fur shrug was a gift from my ever so wonderful mum... who also spent the day before the wedding with needle and thread detaching  my cathedral length veil from it's comb and stitching it onto a different comb that I'd fallen in love with from Etsy...I think she'll forgive me one day!!

As Samm is Scottish and I'm English, I chose a bouquet which combined thistles and cream avalanche roses, with eucalyptus to complement the men's button holes.

After everyone had sipped up their tea, we headed to the reception, and feasted on Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Roast Beef and an Assiette of Winter Desserts (which it transpires, means various sweet lumps of chocolate and cream!! That's one happy bride!) 

The speeches were a perfect combination of laughter and happy tears, as well as the brilliant decision of making the new father-in-law the toastmaster, which he essentially used to make three of his own speeches designed to embarrass his son... all utterly priceless!

And to keep the children happy, I put together some fun little activity books for them, with colouring in pictures, a word search and little games to keep them occupied.

One of my favourite moments of the day was being told by one of the little girls "The boy in here looks like Samm... he even has a dotty hairy face and a skirt on!!"

I'll share this easy little project more fully as well as some of the other DIY elements more another time... because I'm not ok with letting Wedding Wednesdays be over just because the wedding is!

The evening was spent dancing with all my closest girl friends, (after having our first dance song replaced with Gangnam Style without our knowledge!) tucking into a hog roast and enjoying the feeling of really really being married.  


  1. It looks like a perfect day, your dress is gorgeous!


  2. Finding you from the link up!! You looked beautiful!! :)

  3. I love this! Your fur shrug is absolutely incredible (seriously, I'm dreaming of doing a wedding where the bride wears one), and you look so happy and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing Nikki! xoxo

  4. Your wedding is absolutely amazing! I love how you added so many unique details from the gorgeous shrug to the fun children's activity books!

  5. Your wedding sounds & looks perfect! You are one gorgeous Bride. Congratulations!!!!

  6. YES YES YES! for many reasons this was the best wedding EVER. X

  7. You look stunning, every detail is gorgeous–I love it!

  8. Congratulations! Looks beautiful & I hope it was everything you imagined!

  9. What a beautiful wedding, congratulations! You look stunning ^_^

  10. congratulations! and a what a wonderfully romantic time of year to be married.

  11. How beautiful! Love everything about it. Congratulations.


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