Setting Creative Goals

At the end of each year, I'm typically in the practice of sitting down for an hour or two
with a pot of tea and setting myself some goals for the year ahead.
I find it a really useful practice to reflect on what I've achieved over the past 12 months and to realise how my priorities have shifted as I look ahead to the next 12 and decide where I'm headed next.

The end of 2012, however, was massively consumed by last minute wedding prep
and I didn't allow myself the brain space for any goal setting beyond "Get Married".

So more than a month into 2013,
I figure it's about time to set some goals.

I've always been guilty of being a bit of a creative dabbler...
I play guitar, I sew, I draw, I bake, I sing, I paint, I write.
But sometimes I feel a little like a "jack of all trades, master of none" type.
Sometimes I find myself stockpiling ideas and never putting them into action.
And sometimes I make the classic mistake of comparing myself to the many talented women out there and letting myself feel deflated.
Is it just me?

So... My first goal of 2013 is
to develop my creative self.

And here's how I intend to do it...

1. Commit more time to being creative

It's all very well knowing that I love to sew,
but when I leave it for a number of weeks between sessions at the sewing machine,
I can often feel like I'm never improving my skills.
I resolve to put time aside for creative projects.

2. Allow myself to be inspired

Nothing inspires me like music.
Particularly music with lyrics that speak right into my heart.
The above page of my art journal was inspired by a Jason Mraz song that had been buzzing around in my head for weeks during a time when it just felt like those three words summed everything up just right.
So when I'm convinced that I'm running dry and I have no ideas,
I resolve to put on my favourite music, take a walk in my favourite places, read a new book, until I'm inspired.

3. Follow through on all those bookmarks, Pins and scribbles

Hands up who has a "Crafts to Try" board on Pinterest?
Keep that hand in the air if you have ever actually completed any of the crafty projects you've pinned.
Now please tell me I'm not the only one!
I am somebody who ends a week with a handbag full of little things I've scribbled down on bits of paper, a bedroom covered in pretty pictures I've chopped out of magazines and a head full of thoughts buzzing around with no real plan with action.
I resolve to turn my ideas into action.

4. Learn a new skill
As much as I probably have my fingers in quite enough pies,
I don't think you can beat the feeling of learning how to do something new.
Following blogs like One Sheepish Girl has left me with a real want to learn to knit or to crochet,
so I think that may become the new addition to my toolkit.
I'm also considering finally learning to play the ukulele I was bought when I was 18!
I resolve to do something exciting and new.

5. Don't be afraid of ruining a blank canvas

This is by far the biggest challenge for me.
I have a horrible habit of becoming temporarily paralysed just before I cut into a beautiful piece of fabric, in case I ruin it... or just before I put brush to paper to start a painting, because what if I ruin a page and then have to tear it out or stick something over it, and after all, what a waste of paint!
The thing that has helped me best overcome this so far was to set myself one simple rule for my 2012 journal... to not correct. If a line went in the wrong place, if I smudged something or wasn't entirely happy with the way it looked... tough. It was all part of the process.
And that helped me begin to love every detail.
I resolve to make a mess.

How about you?
What helps you to feel more inspired?
How do you develop your creativity day-to-day?

And where do I find a good learn to crochet book??


  1. We sound very similar, I also feel like I am a bit of a jack of all trades, although they are all fun so why decide on one!! I have just started going through my pins and folders of cut out mag pages with the idea of actually doing some of them!

    There is a crochet along starting at One Dog Woof (http://www.1dogwoof.com/2013/02/cal-pick-project.html) specifically for those who want to learn so that might be a good start. I used youtube and then a crochet along to learn.


  2. My friends decided to throw a Pinspired Party & everyone gathered one afternoon made something from their Crafts to Try board on Pinterest- it was such fun! I was really inspired by everyone. I hope we do it again!

    always, koru kate

  3. does you're mum crochet?
    why not ask for a demo

  4. What a wonderful list of goals for this year!


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