The iPad - to buy or not to buy?

I've never really been a huge gadget person.
I resisted the Kindle until I realised I could take a whole bookshelf on holiday with me,
my laptop is still chugging along having somehow survived 
a few years since studentdom all-night essay writing, 
and I only upgrade my phone when I absolutely need to.

But I find myself more and more drawn to the idea of investing in an iPad,
and here's six reasons why...

1. Beautiful accessories.
The first thing any gadget needs once in my possession is a lovely gadget case.
My ipod case, phone cover, kindle case etc have as much thought put into them 
as any dress or pair of shoes I've ever bought. 
The case pictured above is from a beautiful collection 
by Cathy K Designs, available on Etsy

2. For inspiration on the go.
I often have about 5 or 6 notebooks in use at any one time, 
floating around in various handbags, lost in piles of fabric scraps or left at the breakfast table.
The iPad seems like it would be a great way to keep ideas all in one place,
and even start actioning some plans, whilst out and about,
without having to lug a laptop around.

3. Easy blog readability
I'm often logging into blogger via my phone, but on such a tiny screen, 
it's not an enjoyable way of reading,
and it's not very easy to engage with other bloggers. 
I've heard time and time again that both writing and reading blogs 
is perfectly straightforward on an iPad.

4. Apple exclusive publications
I often find myself eyeing up screenshots from publications like Gathered
and feeling like I'm missing out on lots of goodies!

5. Publications that aren't exclusive
Homemaker, Sew Magazine and Making also have iPad versions.
While I do enjoy print versions of magazines,
one of the things marriage has taught me is that men have no appreciation 
for the need to keep hold of every craft magazine you've ever bought!

6. Board games!
Something my husband and I do agree on is Friday nights with a glass of wine and a board game, 
and so many of our favourites (from Small World to Scrabble)  are now available on iPad.
Great for those nights where the dining table is too covered in my sewing gear or his archery gear.

But I need your advice!
Do you use an iPad?
What are the benefits / disadvantages?

Thank you in advance for equipping me with excuses to splash out!


  1. Nikki, I absolutely adore my iPad mini. I had the iPad 2 and "handed" it down to my husband when he went on the road. To replace it it got the mini and had no idea I would enjoy it more. It's lighter. And I read lots of magazines on it, too, as well as all the regular stuff.

  2. YESYESYES. Buy one and then i have an excuse to get one too!

  3. We have an ipad and we love it! My husband takes a lot of online classes, which means he's on the computer a lot...so it's nice to have the ipad around to get my blog stalking and netflix watching in. :)

  4. I love your reasons and think that you've made a brilliant case to go out right now and buy yourself one:) I've been eyeing an iPad, too, for a while. I finally got an iPhone a year ago and absolutely love it. It's amazing to have everything I want at the palm of my hand. I do agree with you, though, that it would be much easier to read blogs and other magazines on an iPad. I'd do it just to get the cute carrying case:) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm excited to follow yours along:) Have a great day!

  5. I wanted an ipad a while ago so I borrowed my mom's tablet for a week to see if I'd really use it. And, I didn't. But I do have a laptop and an iphone, so I guess I was just so used to using them and didn't know where the ipad really fit in. But the accessories are SO cute and everyone I know who has one loves it!

  6. I'm so weird about all the different tablets out right now, I probably won't ever use one! But it sounds like you have thought out the decision very well - I say go get yourself one!

  7. inspiration on the go is enough reason for me :) also, i think it would be fun to always have a sketchbook that you can use to upload your drawings/artwork to the internet. love the cover you found :)


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